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Auction: December 12, 2021

Lot #183: Ethnographic and Decorative Weapon Assortment

(11) items including a hand forged Indian khanda sword having a 31.5-inch double-edged blade that widens to a crescent and pointed area before tapering to a narrow, spear-like point, including blade-reinforcing langets with scalloping and floral motif on both sides, traditional basket hilt with stalk to facilitate 2-handed use; a hand forged Indo-Persian battle axe having crescent blade including wavy back spike, mounted on slightly-curved black pole; a hand forged Indo-Persian pole arm having 18-inch single-edged curved primary blade with curving side spike having diamond cross section mounted on wooden pole with butt cap; a hand forged Indo-Persian trident with the base of each point having diamond cross section that was hammered into a double-edged blade from the middle onwards, unmounted; an African iklwa-style double-edged short spear having paint, hide and animal tooth adornments on sheath and pole; (2) hand carved barbed wooden tribal spears / harpoons; a hand forged tribal barbed spear / harpoon tip; a reproduction halberd having central double-edged blade flanked by a crescent axe head and hook mounted on a green and white striped pole with a green and white tassel around the junction of pole and blade; a double-edged pike with S-shaped cross guard and Latin lettering on blade with studs in pole near junction with blade and tassel; together with an Asian tobacco smoking pipe having metal bowl and tip with bamboo stem

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25 pounds
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