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Auction: October 17, 2021

Lot #71: Japanese Lacquerware and Wood Assortment

(47) Aizu style items including (4) round black containers each holding (6) small dishes, both container lids and top surface of dishes having gold floral motifs, (3) of the containers marked on undersides; (2) rectangular black jewelry boxes having blue velvet lining and mother of pearl inlaid motifs including figural scenes on the tops of the lids and geometric designs on each side; a rectangular, mahogany-toned box having areas of intentionally lighter color; a rectangular gold box containing (2) nesting boxes, each having gold floral motifs on the tops of lids and lined with mahogany-toned metallic gold finishes, outer box marked on underside; (6) black dishes having concentric circle motifs carved in the centers; (2) mahogany-toned dishes, the larger dish having a small stylized floral motif on the inner surface; a red plate having carved floral and tooled motif, marked on underside; a red bowl having carved rim resembling overlapping flower petals, including a black lid that sits slightly beneath the tops of petaled rim, having aviary motif and small bamboo handle, marked on the top of the lid; (2) traditional water vessels used for flower arrangement, the larger having light mahogany-tone and the smaller having black finish including gold ginkgo leaf motif; a hollow vase carved from a single piece of bamboo having mahogany-tone finish and metallic toned floral motif, including plastic insert to retain water for flower arrangements

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