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Auction: October 17, 2021

Lot #207: Disney Classics Figurine Assortment

(8) ceramic and resin items including from "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000" #1210009 "Drumming Up a Dream: Duke", #11K412320 "Pastoral Setting", "Love's Little Helpers"; #11K411780 "Prima Ballerina: Mademoiselle Upanova"; from "The Lion King" #11K413590 "Nala's Joy" and #11K411970 "Luau!: Timon"; from "Hercules" #11K412460 "Hades' Chariot", and from "Peter and the Wolf" "Nestled in the Snow" 1996 miniature ornament; all but "Timon" and "Chariot" with certificates of authenticity, all in original boxes and packaging; together with a set of (5) Walt Disney "Classics Collection" 5th anniversary commemorative pins in a blue velvet box

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Box size: 25x25x19 inches
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